I am a California girl turned Montrealer who now resides in Squamish, British Columbia with my husband and two young children.

I began working with clay in 2018 and find great joy in it! I use methods like slab building, pinching, and coil building to create small batches of ceramics in my home studio. I love playing with texture, color, and contrast, and find inspiration from all the beautiful places I've lived.

You'll often find my fingerprints intentionally left in the clay. Slight imperfections and variations are to be expected - that is the nature and beauty of a handmade item, and especially of hand built ceramics.

My hope is that my pieces make everyday routines just a little bit lovelier - whether it's your morning coffee, where you place your jewelry after a long day, or a pretty bowl to elevate your favorite snack. 

Thanks for stopping by! You can reach me at info@987ceramics.com anytime.